Cybersecurity Myths and Misconceptions

Avoiding the Hazards and Pitfalls That Derail

Paperback, 416 pages

English language

Published Feb. 8, 2022 by Addison Wesley Professional.

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3 stars (2 reviews)

Escape the myths and misconceptions that are compromising your cybersecurity right now

-Uncover dangerous folk wisdom surrounding vulnerabilities, malware, digital forensics, incident response, machine learning, and more – and discover what to do instead -Recognize and avoid logical fallacies and cognitive biases that make it harder to design and operate secure systems -Improve your everyday security choices and decisions as a practitioner, researcher, leader, or user -Illustrations throughout to help learn and remember the concepts -By three of the world's leading cybersecurity pioneers: Eugene Spafford (Cybersecurity Hall of Fame), Leigh Metcalf (CMU SEI/CERT), and Josiah Dykstra (NSA)

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Debunking Cybersecurity Myths: An Accessible Read for All

4 stars

This book is an enlightening work that debunks various misconceptions and myths surrounding cybersecurity through evidence-based analysis and expert opinion. The authors, who are highly respected professionals in the field of cybersecurity, provide valuable insights into the world of cybersecurity and how it is often misrepresented in the media and popular culture. One of the most striking aspects of this book is its accessibility. It is written in a clear, concise and entertaining manner, making it easy for non-cybersecurity professionals to understand. The authors use relatable examples and analogies to explain complex cybersecurity concepts, making it an ideal read for anyone who wants to improve their understanding of cybersecurity. The book covers a wide range of topics, including easy-to-understand explanations of terms and concepts.

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