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Code of Conduct

* Do unto others as you think they would want done to them. * Gratuitous obscenity that serves no practical benefit to a discussion is not permitted. * Illegal content such as child pornography, unsurprisingly, is not permitted. * Spam is not permitted, this includes creating spam accounts that only serve to provide profile links or advertise products and services. * Hate speech and abusive or threatening behavior is not permitted, specifically that which directed at any gender, nationality, religion, race, age, pizza topping preference, or sexual identity. One can hate on systemd all day long here. * Lack of a specific rule against a certain behavior does not indicate acceptance of that behavior. Each of us has a limited amount of time in this world. Don't be a jerk. * Violating one or more of these rules may result in an immediate, permanent ban without notice or warning. * You may not impersonate a person or brand without a clear indication the account is unofficial and/or a parody. Parody accounts are permitted, as are legitimate brand accounts. * No attacks against (or from) the instance. * You may not do anything which may impact confidentiality, integrity or availability of Infosec.Exchange, the users of the service or their data. * For more details see