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J. G バラード, ג'מס גרהם בלרד, Dž. G. Balards, and 20 others J. G. 밸러드, James G. Ballard, Dzh. G. Ballard, J.G. Ballard, ج. ج. بالارد،, জে জি ব্যালার্ড, Ballard, Džeimss Greiems Balards, J・G・バラード, Джеймс Баллард, جيمس غراهام بالارد, J·G·巴拉德, ג'יימס גראהם באלארד, James Graham Ballard, Iacobus Graham Ballard, user guide, Jim G. Ballard, جیمز گراهام بالارد, J. G. Ballard, J. Ballard
Nov. 14, 1930
April 18, 2009

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James Graham Ballard was born and raised in the International Settlement in Shanghai, China to a chemist. In 1943 the Japanese occupied the International Settlement and Ballard's family was sent to the Lunghua Civilian Assembly Center, where they were interned for two years until the end of World War II. In 1946, Ballard went to England with his mother and sister, and stayed on in England after his mother and sister returned to China to rejoin his father. In 1949 he went to King's College, Cambridge to study medicine, but he began writing fiction and abandoned medicine in 1952 to pursue writing. In 1953 he joined the Air Force and was sent to the Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan to train. There he discovered science fiction in and he began to write science fiction. He left the RAF in 1954 and returned to England. In 1956 he published his science fiction story. In 1960 he committed to writing full-time.

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