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Feb. 23, 1961

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Michelle Slatalla is an American journalist and humorist. Currently, she writes a monthly column for the Wall Street Journal about interior design. Previously, she was a columnist for The New York Times, TIME magazine, Real Simple, and a reporter for Newsday. In 2012 she created the outdoor design blog Gardenista, and was the editor in chief of the site for seven years. She has written several books, including Gardenista: The Definitive Guide to Stylish Outdoor Spaces and The Town on Beaver Creek: The Story of a Lost Kentucky Community.Slatalla launched Gardenista in 2012 as an offshoot of the remodeling blog Remodelista, ten years after meeting Remodelista founding editor Julie Carlson through a mutual friend. TIME magazine named Gardenista to its list of the year's "25 Best Blogs" in 2012.

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