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Sept. 28, 1966

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Lone Frank (born Lone Frank Pedersen 1966 in Århus) is a Danish science journalist, author and PhD in neurobiology. Since 1998 she has written for newspapers. She is also a commentator and lecturer and has worked in radio and television; including organized and participated in science series on television, talking about controversial issues such as heritability of IQ and race and intelligence. She received her master's degree in biology on a thesis about "the transcriptional regulation of glutamate receptors in cerebral ischemia" from Aarhus University in 1992.In September 2011 her book, My Beautiful Genome: Exposing Our Genetic Future, One Quirk at a Time was released to positive reviews. The book is based on a number of genetic-based tests, which aims to clarify the biological context of human personal development. It was also released in German, Norwegian and Dutch.

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