Rendezvous with Rama

Paperback, 256 pages

English language

Published July 19, 2023 by Orion Publishing Co.

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4 stars (7 reviews)

Written in 1973, a massive 50 kilometre long alien cylinder begins to pass through the solar system provoking a hurried effort to intercept it. The closest available ship rushes to rendezvous so as to have a quick study before it gets too close to the sun. Able to enter via an airlock on one end of the ship, the crew explores the huge world found inside, a world full of wonder and mystery. As usual, the science is spot on. This is the best novel of Clarke's since 2001 and Childhood's End and is a truly grand adventure full of puzzles and ideas that lead you asking more questions than are answered. Enough questions in fact to lead to numerous inferior sequels, but enough answers to leave you satisfied. Don't pass up this gem of hard science fiction.

50 editions

No es su mejor obra, pero es la obra de un genio.

5 stars

Tal y como dice otro comentario: "[...]it's 50% description of a docking maneuver, and 50% setup for an exciting book[...]". Y así es, dan ganas de leer las siguientes novelas de la saga porque esta deja muchos hilos por atar. Pongo cinco estrellas porque es de un grande y como episodio piloto me ha gustado bastante, aunque revisaré mi valoración cuando lea el resto de la saga.

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  • Fiction
  • Future in literature
  • Hugo Award Winner
  • Nebula award winner
  • Rama (Imaginary space vehicle)
  • Science fiction
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  • Interplanetary voyages
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